Features of GPS

Track wide range of Device
EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking Device uses hardware that has a proven record of accomplishment with applications in mission critical systems around the world. The hardwired tracking units (AVL’s) are one of the smallest available today (approx. 8.8 cm X 4.2 cm) and can easily hide when installed. These AVL’s can withstand high temperatures, vibration, a range of voltages and harsh conditions. The hardwired AVL units can also be optionally be wired to shut down the vehicle (extra equipment used – RELAY) in the event of theft. We also provide the portable versions of the AVL with inbuilt battery.

  • Corporate fleets
  • Long Route Bus
  • School Bus
  • Individual Vehicles
  • Micro Bus
  • Taxi
  • Hotel and Travel Service Vehicle
  • Security Vans
  • Government Vehicle
  • Heavy/Light Duty Vehicles
  • Financial Institutions (Banking and Insurance)
  • Emergency and Health Services
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Advance Geocoding Using Accurate Map Data
Geocoding is the ability to get a street name from a GPS coordinate. You may have noticed with competing systems that they use a Google Geocoder /Open Street Geocoder for getting street names. The accuracy of this Geocoder is unacceptable for most applications as it provides erroneous street names at most locations. Your vehicle can be parked at a particular street and the report mentions a street located a few blocks away.

We have developed an advanced Geocoder that produces street names for Kathmandu and other main cities using our accurate map data, so wherever your vehicle goes, you are sure to get an accurate street name representing its location if you have not already added a Point of Interest there.

Hosted Services
The EAICT Cloud server is not at risk of going down if there are local electricity outages or Internet Service Provider issues. Our servers are cloud hosted with guaranteed uptime and availability for tracked vehicles. As such, the interface is fast and responsive. Your information is secure and, is not share with other users.

Your Annually service fee with the EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking system includes:

  • System Upgrades
  • Data plan for transmitting position information to server
  • Accurate map data hosting
  • Server cloud hosting for responsive interface and high uptime
  • Email support
  • Minor Alert/Report adjustment/configuration

Annually service fees do not include:

  • On site callouts
  • Additional training sessions
  • Addition of customer points of interest

Real Time System / Location View
Upon login, your workspace shows a listing of all your vehicles/tracked devices alongside a real time position map (constantly updating as vehicles travel). You can search for any vehicle, select it in the list and zoom into its location on the map for a closer view. You can choose from various maps including Microsoft Bing, Google Map, Open street map etc. You can also use satellite imagery for viewing vehicle locations.

Your workspace can be customized with different views and linked to different logins showing sub groups of vehicles, custom panel positioning etc.

Flexible Reporting Service
The disadvantage of most GPS Tracking systems is the lack of or weak reporting features. Clever reporting and event rules make the EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking system manageable for large numbers of vehicles and requires less time for investigation of problems with the fleet. Event rules are the criteria used to generate information for reports and alerts. Reports are generated and sent at a fixed time or can be run instantly from within the application workspace.

EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking reporting is flexible and simple to understand. We can set up the reports for you and schedule them to be email at fixed intervals. You do not even need to log into your application unless you see something unusual in your reports in most cases. Reports also can be based on events that occur at certain times or in certain geofenced areas.

Mobile Interface
Currently you can download Android app from our website. IOS is in development process, we will soon release the IOS version of our EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking system. At times, you may need to check on your fleet while on the road. A custom interface designed for mobile devices is available to all users of the EAICT GPS Vehicle Tracking system. The interface is a light version of the workspace and shows the vehicle listing and the ability to view each on a map. The vehicle position automatically updates as it moves and associated alarms can view in the mobile app.